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D-Corative 7 (1)
D-Pressure Strip 7
D-Taut Wire 2

D-Fence est le premier fournisseur mondial de systèmes de reconnaissance de protection de terrain (GAES). Nous nous spécialisons dans l'offre des solutions de sécurité et des systèmes d'alarme électroniques les plus innovants.


We are NOT limited by opportunities! Our products can be fitted anywhere from gates, fences, doors, roofs, flat surfaces, glass, etc. We can adapt our sensors to go anywhere you feel needs security, with endless design opportunities.

Our pressure sensors pick up changes in the force applied to them. If the changes are over the preset limit, then the algorithm within the system recognizes this as an intrusion attempt and issues an alarm, which can be received wherever the client chooses, such as a control center or phone.


Our systems have been developed under an “Open-Design” concept that allows them to be fully connected, integrated and communicate with any and all security systems. The connection and integration can be done by IP communication or by way of Dry Contacts.

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