Military Grade

Pressure Sensing Security System

from Israel with ZERO FALSE ALARMS


Trigger alarm when pressure detected is over the pre-set activation weight

Self adjustment to the environment every second

Close to ZERO False Alarm Rate

Average weight of bird:

0.1-1.5 kg

Average weight of cat:

4.5 kg

Alarm Activation Weight:


Avg. weight of a man:

55 kg

Est. force of plant swaying:

0.5-3 kg

Est. Wind Load in a storm:

4-15 kg

D-Fence's Pressure Sensor


Military Grade Security

                                    specifications and performance have been approved and adopted in military facilities such as military camps, nuclear plants & airports in various countries across the globe.


Different systems to integrate with all environments and perimeter designs 

Pressure Sensor

Metal / Stone Coping

 D-Pressure Strip

Trigger alarm when intruder climb over the wall


When Security Becomes Part of the Design

Each D-Fence design is tailor-made to match the environment and exterior design

of the specific project


Representative Projects

The Most Luxurious Development in Asia

The Peak - Hong Kong

Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant


Luxurious Residential Development

Deep Water Bay - Hong Kong

Ben Gurion International Airport


Luxurious Villa


Larsen & Toubro HQ - Chennai


High Speed Railways


Railway Installation


Over 50 Individual Villas

Around the World

System Features

D-Fence is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) that applies a latest pressure sensing technology developed in Israel. Sensors are made from stainless steel / aluminium alloy, with an electronic processor that converts pressure data into digital signal.

Intrusion attempt that generates a weight higher than the pre-set standard  (25 Kg), or attempt to dismantle or neutralize the system components will generate alarm and activate all integrated systems such as CCTVs, security floodlights, sirens, mobile devices etc.

With close to zero false alarm detection performance and solid job references, D-Fence is currently the most reliable PIDS in the market.


ZERO false alarm, free of interference from small animal, plantation, rainfall and typhoon

Trigger alarm when pressure detected is over the pre-set activation weight

(standard: 20kg)

Real time signal integration with CCTV, alarm siren and security floodlight

Tailor-made for each and every project to match with the architectural design

5 different applications to suit specific security needs and outlook design

Pressure sensor durable outdoor for over 15-20 years


Integration &

Response Procedure

1.  Detection

0 FALSE ALARM -  reliable intrusion detection

3.  Surveillance

Real-time smart integration with HD CCTV

5. Response

Guards to investigate and intercept intruder, house owners to take shelter

2.  Deterrence

Instant trigger security siren and flood light to warn-off intruder

4. Notification

Instant intrusion notification, CCTV pop-up & playback to guards or house owners

Embrace the Nature

No detection system can function this close to the greenery, except D-Fence.


It's pressure sensing mechanism allows the system to filter out interference from the nature, such as plants, tree branches and small animals, offering a ZERO false alarm performance, and allowing installation in the most complex environment at the outer perimeter.


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