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D-Pressure Strip

The D-Pressure Strip is a unique PIDS that integrates with all types of fences and walls (block, metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.). Built from a strip that contains a Strain Gauge Sensor, the system is fitted on top of the physical structure of the fence & wall.

The system provides immediate and accurate detection in any event of an intrusion by way of climbing over the fence/wall activating D-Fence's unique Strain Gauge Sensor that's typically set to alert when forces greater than 15 kgs. are applied to it.

This ensures a very low FAR/NAR and also that the system will not be activated by small animals, vegetation, weather conditions or any other environmental factors in the area.


D-Pressure Strip PIDS is ideal when aesthetics and/or invisibility of the security systems are desired, and also where local regulations don't allow building over certain heights

Suitable Applications

Government Locations

Private Homes

Agricultural Sites

Concrete Walls
Existing/ Future Fences



Technical Specifications

How it works

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