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About Us

We want to be the leading providers in PIDS with unlimited design options & most importantly, provide our clients with peace of mind

CEO - Uriel Bin

Uriel Bin founded D-Fence over 30 years ago with the vision to create state of the art security solutions around the world.

D-Fence is the world's leading service provider for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). We specialize and provide the most innovative security solutions and electronic alarm systems.

The products are globally patented based on advanced pressure sensor technology with the highest reliability that enable complete protection and alert for intrusion, while still being ecologically and environmentally friendly.

Many years of experience and investment in technology have enabled us to produce a unique product line that is characterized by minimal maintenance and a high level of security with reliability that allows full protection and security for its customers. With its unique aesthetic, compact design, it can be integrated discreetly in all structures. The company's systems are designed to protect private homes, airports, government facilities, security sites, power plants, prisons and more.


D-Fence has an international distribution network that allows us to access and supply our products in a variety of regions around the world with quality and efficiency under all circumstances and provide a lifetime warranty for all our clients.



Over the years D-Fence has invested in technology and people. This excellent combination allows us to constantly develop and produce a unique product line which is globally patented characterized by minimal maintenance and the highest level of security and reliability in the world.


Our products are based on advanced sensors that come with a lifetime warranty and a unique algorithm with self-learning capability. Our products are not only highly reliable but also have minimal maintenance whilst still maintaining the highest level of security, leaving the client with peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

Protecting the environment is one of our main values. Our security systems are environmentally friendly whilst still maintaining unparalleled levels of protection. Unlike many other electrical based systems that have been known to shock people and animals and also cause ecological damage.

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