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Social Responsibilities

Taking care of the environment is the top priority along with maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the planet. 


Globally Patented

Environmentally Friendly

Reliable & Secure


What makes our products different from other electronic fencing is that our products are not dangerous at all! No electric shocks, no radiation. Living next to an electronic fence is equivalent to having the radiation of multiple phones close to you at all times. D-Fence’s green security turns your electric fence into a smart fence with no hazardous chemicals. Our fences have an extremely low voltage whereas typically fences emit 5,000 to 10,000 volts. 

D-Fence’s range of unique sensors and technology are globally patented, guaranteeing early detection capabilities and proven reliability with the highest level of accuracy around the world. Our product is environmentally friendly so our customers do not have to worry about causing damage to the environment or animals. Our products are designed aesthetically so they blend harmoniously with its surroundings, whether it’s a home, office or government facility. We promise that there is no data leakage. D-Fence’s system structure is based on a safe military internal network. There is no back door and it’s totally independent.

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