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An innovative fence composed of a standard razor-wire concertina in any desired diameter, based on an "open-design“ concept according to the end-user needs, that with the addition of D-Fence's unique strain gauge it becomes an electronic intrusion detection system. 

A razor wire concertina combined with electronic intrusion detection – provides both a physical barrier that's very hard to penetrate with pinpoint location of an intrusion attempt that activates an alarm in the control center showing the exact point where the attempt happened.

D-Concertina is connected to an alert system, and it can be managed locally, remotely, from a Central Control Center, monitoring center etc.

The system can be provided in 2 options:

  1. Existing Fence: By adding D-Fence's sensors installed on sensor posts and stretching 2 wires connected to the sensors inside the existing concertina, it's converted into an electronic fence with intrusion detection.

  2. New Fence: Supply and installation of both the concertina, based on an "open-design", and the electronic system.

Suitable Applications

Government Locations

Private Homes

Agricultural Sites





Technical Specifications

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