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D-Command Control

D-Command Control is the most advanced, reliable, intuitive, and versatile smart security management platform with 3D synoptic map directly in your control room or phone.

Fully integrated with all your security systems:

  • Perimeter intrusion security

  • Thermal Cameras

  • Bullet Camera

  • PTZ Camera

  • VMS


  • GPS

In modern field operations and industrial control, flexibility and scalability are the order of the day. Many command and control systems out there are expensive, slowly adapting, all-in-one solutions that limit your growth and cut your budget. D-Fence offers an open platform for Command and Control, packed into rugged cost-effective, low maintenance palm-size device.


Built with decades of Israeli operational experience D-Command Control focuses on the environment, using simple hardware, low energy, and negligible maintenance overhead. Not surprisingly, this improved reliability: with fewer parts, fewer things that can go wrong!


D-Command Control features a detailed 3D GIS display for accurate control from any desktop, laptop or mobile, while ownership-based tasking empowers teamwork collaboration, and effectivity. For improved interoperability in field, we put a lot of effort in making D-Command Control plug-and-play, enabling existing systems to easily intergrate through our secured C2 API.


  • Rugged, environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective

  • Interoperable, open interface for any deployed sensor

  • Modular design for custom BI, analytics, look & feel and language

  • Integral support for ONVIF cameras

  • Optimized for 24/7 operations for SCADA and PIDS applications

  • Web based  for easy access from desktop or mobile devices

  • Intuitive operation by low-trained personnel

  • Easy integration setup for premises or vehicle platforms

  • Scalable topology, no single point of failure

  • Industrial grade, FCC/EC and RoHS-II certified

  • Multi-sensor, palm sized command & control solution

  • Enhancing field operations in a variety of domains

  • Secured connection to SCADA, ONVIF Cameras and Drones

  • Real-time alarms and custom automatic response

  • Efficient teamwork coordination, monitoring and debriefing

  • Detailed GIS display with accurate 3D models

  • Rich interface options to existing C2 systems

  • Supports secured, isolated installations


Technical Specifications

How it works

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