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D-Fence's New Drone Security System, automatic drone deployment that is shot from a fence, gun, rocket, etc. The drone is automatically fired as an intrusion is taking place and after firing, it can take a live video of the area, directly to your control room or phone. Can be fully integrated with all security systems including our new D-Command Control.


D-Fence offers a wide range of encapsulated immediate-action drone-based systems, ideally suited to today’s chaotic battlefield.

Lightweight and ruggedized, cost effective and high performing, our solutions increase operational efficiency, while eliminating any logistics footprint.

Designed for use by strategic, tactical, micro-tactical and security units, we provide an immediate, intuitive and accessible solution that delivers tactical superiority in any critical mission, anytime, anywhere.

Suitable Applications

Government Locations

Perimeter Security

Agricultural Sites

Border Protection

Security Facility 


How it works

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