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D-Corative has been developed with leading-edge technology for perimeter intrusion detection on all types of sites, while preserving a pleasant and non-intimidating environment.


The D-Corative system provides unmatched protection for your site, facilities and assets. Featuring customized fence panels and supporting posts fitted with concealed and state-of-the-art pressure sensors.

The system is specifically designed as a non-intrusive yet highly effective intrusion detection system for open and outdoor areas.


Vandal proof and tamper-resistant, the system is also immune to environmental changes, features close to zero false alarms, and ensures instant, accurate detection of any intrusion attempt while being immune to environmental and/or operational factors. Digital analysis and signal processing in the posts together with the defined intrusion profile reduce false alarms to practically zero.

Decorative Fence Panels - unlimited customized options, each can weigh up to 100 kgs. Sensor Posts - the Fence Panel support posts.


Strain Gauge Sensors - D-Fence's rugged and robust strain gauge sensors, made from Stainless Steel. They are concealed in the Sensor Posts, and act as the interface between the posts and the fence panels. Highly sensitive, they measure the distortion caused by load changes, check alert signals and monitor the communication to the control center. Acting as the interface between the support columns and the panels, highly sensitive gauges measure distortion caused by load changes.

Suitable Applications

Government Locations

Private Homes

Agricultural Sites

Existing Fences

Future Fences


Technical Specifications

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