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Solar Panel Protection System is a unique and innovative design to protect against theft of solar panels. D-Solar is built from a unique transducer made of stainless steel that measures and compares pressures between the ends of the rod, located under the stairs or roofs that are placed and between the rows of panels, so that even in the initial stage, even before touching the panels, a warning and alarm system will be activated.

For the system installation, a mapping of the zone is carried out to analyze the critical passing areas to disassemble and steal the panels.


In these points, D-Fence sensors are installed under step surfaces on top of the roof and the moment someone climbs to the roof and steps on one of the “booby-trapped” surfaces and alarm is generated.

Also, a cable is stretched to a pressure level of 30 Kgs and is connected through a special connector to the sensor. Any attempt to release the cable or to remove/move a panel will cause an immediate change in the cable’s tension which will be detected by the sensor.


•Sophisticated system integrated with exclusive technology

•The system generates an early alert even before the intruder touches the panels, allowing for a very quick response

•The system can completely withstand the environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, sand storms, hail or extreme cold/heat

•Animals, weather and minimal movements do not generate alarms

•The system is not affected by lightening or any other electric fields or transmissions

•Intelligent system that adapts to the environmental conditions

•Simple ‘plug ‘n’ play’ system

•Fully integrated with all existing or new security systems


Technical Specifications

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