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D-Razor Mesh

D-Razor Mesh is made of small sharp blades, that is welded together forming a diamond shape throughout the fence. The system is usually used for any high-security locations such as commercial and industrial properties.


D-Razor Mesh is impossible to climb, strong steel wire is difficult to cut. High strength steel core wire made from galvanized material.


Since the system is based on D-Fence field-proven technology based on Strain Gauge Sensors and Electronic Controllers with proprietary algorithms, it’s extremely reliable, providing intrusion detection 24/7 with Zero False Alarms. The product is suitable for airports, prisons, borders, etc.


Proven reliability and the highest levels of accuracy in the world of the product is characterized by simple installation and minimal maintenance, along with high reliability that allows for complete protection and security

Suitable Applications

Government Locations

Private Homes

Agricultural Sites




High Security 


Technical Specifications

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