We tailor our services to the customer's needs and requests, using innovative design and the best technology solutions.

Following many years of investment and experience we have created a unique product that offers the highest-level protection with minimal maintenance or damage to the environment.


D-Fence offers a large range of systems that can be adapted to anything from homes, airports, government buildings, power plants, etc. If you have structure that needs securing, we will create the perfect solution tailored for you.

Our products not only provide a physical barrier but also a sophisticated electronic remote control system which indicates the precise location of any intrusion attempt. All of our systems are built with pressure sensors that convert analog signals. 


All of our products are tamper resistant, immune to changes in the environment and provide zero false alarms. We also have a life-time warranty on all our products.


D-Pressure Strip

This can be installed on any walls, surfaces or fences which is typically set to alert when weight over 25kg is applied

New Electronic Welded Mesh System (5).jp

D-Welded Mesh

Our sensors interface via intense wires with the welded mesh which outrigger and turns them into an indicative fence. The system is able to detect all types of intrusion attempts



A great solution for indoor and outdoor surface protection which can be installed permanently or temporarily. This is suitable for most flooring types such as wood, metal, tile, plastic, etc.


Our sensors are embedded into bolts and screws of different calibers and then connected to an electronic box containing a PC Board card connected to a Wireless transmitter, a GPRS transmitter, an SMS system or a GSM system and to contacts


D-Command Control

The most advanced, reliable, intuitive, and versatile smart security management platform with 3D synoptic map directly in your control room or phone


D-Razor Mesh

Made of small sharp blades that are welded together forming a diamond shape throughout the fence. The system is usually used for high-security locations as it is impossible to climb and difficult to cut.

D-Taut Wire

Is the leading security perimeter system with easy installation using posts. Usually installed in airports, prisons, borders, etc. 



An alarm triggers when intruders attempt to break the glass or climbs over the glass balustrade. D-Glass is usually installed on balconies, museums, galleries, terraces, etc. 

Sensor for Concertina 2.jpg


A razor wire concertina combined with electronic intrusion detection – provides both a physical barrier that's very hard to penetrate with pinpoint location of an intrusion attempt that activates an alarm in the control center showing the exact point where the attempt happened



Our sensors are installed beneath the ground so they cannot be detected or sabotaged. The system identifies the intruder's movements as soon as he enters the access route, road or path, and provides an early warning before the intrusion actually occurs


D-Field Fence

The system is easy to install and maintain along with being very cost effective. It can be applied to existing fences and walls as well as function as a stand-alone system 



Palisade fences are used in most countries and are mechanically stronger than a typical electric fence. We can take our sensors and install them onto new or existing fences, plug and play installation.



Is very aesthetic and is specifically designed as a non-intrusive yet highly effective alarm system for open, outdoor areas. With unlimited design possibilities



A unique and innovative electronic security system that can be installed under any type and size of floor tile indoor or outdoor. When armed, the system is typically set to alert when weight over 15kg is applied



The system can be mobile or fixed, and provides detection and protection against unauthorized vehicles on access roads, access routes and in entry ways to any site, including those remotely located

D-Fender 2.jpg


Implemented with the latest technology that is designed to detect vibrations caused by intrusion attempts such as scaling or cutting. This is a smart system that constantly adapts to changes in the environment



Solar Panel Protection is built from a unique transducer made of stainless steel that measures and compares pressures between the ends of the pole, the SRP is located under the treads or pitched roofs located between the rows of panels



The drone is automatically fired as an intrusion is taking place. After firing, it can take a live video of the area, directly to your control room or phone. It can be fully integrated with all security systems including our new D-Command Control.